Children’s Fiction

Mother Koala Knows Best by Betty Salthouse
Illustrated by Pip Westgate
A delightful collection of stories about Australian wildlife, each story with a beautiful line drawing of the animal it’s about, inspired by the author’s travels in Australia and to raise funds for animals affected by the terrible recent bush fires. All profits go to WIRES, Australia’s leading animal rescue charity. (Paperback ISBN 978-1911223238 – ebook also available)

Cuckoo Call by Betty Salthouse
When Danny and Daisy Blackbird unwittingly nurture a cuckoo’s egg among their brood, only one of the blackbird chicks notices that Big Chick is different from his siblings. Will Pij the woodpigeon help the family avert disaster in the nest before it’s too late? (Cover illustration by the author’s granddaughter.)  (Paperback ISBN 978-1911223238 – ebook also available)

Parrot Talk ebook coverParrot Talk by Betty Salthouse
When ten-year-old Jamie finds a stray parrot and attempts to keep it secretly as a pet in his bedroom, his life will never be the same again. A fun traditional-style story for young animal lovers. (Cover illustration by the author’s granddaughter.)  (Paperback ISBN 978-1911223153 – ebook also available)

The Fossil Hunters Kindle CoverThe Fossil Hunters by Betty Salthouse
A traditional style adventure story about two boys who find more than they expect when they search the countryside around their village for evidence of fossils. (Cover illustration by the author’s granddaughter.)  (Paperback ISBN 978-1911223085 – ebook also available))

cover of Animal Adventures at Rainbow CottageAnimal Adventures at Rainbow Cottage by Betty Salthouse
Join Sidney Spider, Sarah Slug and friends in Mrs Green’s garden at Rainbow Cottage for a traditional adventure story to delight children who love minibeasts and exploring the natural world in their own back gardens. (Paperback ISBN 978-19111223276 – ebook also available)