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Sophie Sayers Village Mysteries

Cover of Best Murder in ShowBest Murder in Show by Debbie Young
(Sophie Sayers Village Mysteries #1)
The first in this feel-good combination of cosy classic mystery and romantic comedy set in an idyllic Cotswold village kicks off with a murder on a carnival float at the annual horticultural show. (Paperback ISBN 978-1911223139 – ebook and audiobook also available)

Cover of Trick or Murder?

Trick or Murder? by Debbie Young
(Sophie Sayers Village Mysteries #2)
When a strange new vicar tries to ban Halloween and invites the whole village to his  Bonfire Night part instead, only Sophie suspects sinister goings on, and sets out to detect the shocking truth. (Paperback ISBN 978-1911223207 – ebook also available)

Ebook cover

Murder in the Manger by Debbie Young
(Sophie Sayers Village Mystery #3)
Just when Sophie is starting to feel at home in Wendlebury Barrow, her ex-boyfriend threatens to scupper the village nativity play, with startling results that weren’t in Sophie’s script. (Paperback ISBN 978-1911223221 – ebook also available)

Ebook cover with brown

Murder by the Book by Debbie Young
(Sophie Sayers Village Mystery #4)
In a village where everyone knows each other, is it possible for anyone to get away with murder? Sophie’s about to find out – and to discover some surprising secrets about her boyfriend Hector and his family along the way. (Paperback ISBN 978-1911223269 – ebook also available)

Cover of Springtime for Murder by Debbie YoungSpringtime for Murder Book by Debbie Young
(Sophie Sayers Village Mystery #5)
When an old lady dressed as the Easter Bunny is left for dead in a freshly dug grave, Sophie Sayers finds herself drawn into a complex family feud in her cosy Cotswold village – and has to act fast to protect more villagers from further foul play. (Paperback ISBN 978-1911223344 – ebook also available)

Murder Your Darlings by Debbie Young
(Sophie Sayers Village Mystery #6)
When Sophie Sayers wins a place at a writers’ retreat on a remote Greek island, she finds herself prime suspect in the suspicious disappearance of a famous romantic novelist. Her campaign to prove her innocence leads to some surprising conclusions about her future. (Paperback ISBN 978-1911223344 – ebook also available)

Staffroom at St Bride’s School Series

Secrets at St Bride’s by Debbie Young
(Staffroom at St Bride’s #1)
When Gemma Lamb takes a job at a quirky English girls’ boarding school, she believes she’s found the perfect escape route from her controlling boyfriend – until she discovers the rest of the staff are hiding sinister secrets. (Paperback ISBN 978-1911223436 – ebook also available)

Stranger at St Bride’s by Debbie Young
(Staffroom at St Bride’s #2)
When an American stranger turns up claiming to be the rightful owner of the school’s magnificent country estate, teacher Gemma Lamb fears losing not only her job and her home, but also her hopes for a relationship with charismatic PE teacher Joe Spryke. (Paperback ISBN 978-1911223597 – ebook also available)


Marry in Haste by Debbie Young
15 humorous short stories about dating, love and marriage, arranged in three stages: Seeking, Committing and Enduring. Not so much an anti-marriage cautionary tale, more a set of “proceed with caution” alerts. (Paperback ISBN 978-1911223016 – ebook also available)

cover of Quick Change by Debbie YoungQuick Change by Debbie Young
This collection of twenty very short stories (flash fiction) about key moments of change in people’s lives from cradle to (beyond the) grave includes a story performed by the author at the Cheltenham Literature Festival and Stroud Short Stories. (Paperback ISBN 978-0993087967 – ebook also available)

Stocking Fillers ebook coverStocking Fillers by Debbie Young
These twelve wry and witty short stories on Christmas themes provide the perfect antidote to pre-Christmas stress includes one performed live on BBC Radio Gloucestershire. (Paperback ISBN 978-0993087929 – ebook also available)


Lighting Up Time cover

Lighting Up Time by Debbie Young 
A sweet but spooky short story about a young woman whose fear of the dark and her unresolved grief for her late great aunt are holding her back from making the most of the opportunities life sends her. (Paperback ISBN 978-1911223108 – ebook and audiobook also available)

The Owl and the Turkey cover

The Owl and the Turkey by Debbie Young 
An entertaining short story in the style of a traditional folktale, purporting to explain the real reason why we eat turkey at Christmas. As featured behind the door of Mumsnet’s online Advent Calendar. (Paperback ISBN 978-1911223122 – ebook also available)

New cover with soldiersThe War of the Peek Freans Light Wounded by Debbie Young
A sweet, feel-good short story set in 1939 about family values and relationships in the face of adversity. Originally published in Annabel magazine, this was the author’s fiction debut. (ebook only)