About Hawkesbury Press

Founded in 2014, Hawkesbury Press is a small independent publisher based in the Cotswolds producing captivating books in paperback and ebook formats, with audiobooks also available for some of the general fiction.

The latest technology allows us to run a 21st-century cottage industry, producing digital ebooks and print-on-demand paperbacks to be sold online all over the world. We will also supply bookshops on request. We are strong advocates of high street bookshops as hubs of their local communities and ambassadors for the therapeutic joy of reading in our increasingly fraught age.

Our current catalogue includes:

  • fiction (novels and short stories for adults and short chapter books for children)
  • non-fiction (memoirs,¬†collected essays and columns)
  • anthologies¬†(yearbooks, short stories and poetry collections)
  • other books for private distribution, such as personal memoirs and business publications, not showcased here for reasons of confidentiality (use our contact form if you’d like to discuss your private project)

All our books may be ordered online, but if you’re after a paperback and have a local bookshop near you, you should also be able to order it via the bookshop by quoting your chosen book’s ISBN. It’s always good to support local bookshops – such great community hubs on our high streets!